Writing advanced geoprocessing scripts using python in excel

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The script you create may be an essential part of your workflow—a task you need to repeat again and again.

ArcGIS (Desktop, Engine, Server)

There are many examples of using Python to coordinate and execute geoprocessing tools available in the scripting help. Many of these examples focus on the use of specific methods or properties of the geoprocessor and are intended to be concise and easy to follow.

I have a python code that reads 3 arguments (scalars) and a text files and then returns me a vector of double. I want to write a macro in vba to call this python code and write the results in one of the same excel.

Basics for Geoprocessing with Python in ArcGIS Melissa Brenneman. Part 1: Introduction to Python with ArcGIS Geoprocessing and Python ArcPy Writing scripts Variables Strings Indentation 2 Welcome Instructor: Melissa Brenneman Geoprocessing and Python Geoprocessing – GIS tasks (manipulating GIS data).

Scripts are text files; any text editor, such as Notepad or VI, can be used to author a script.

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But using a text editor to create a Python script is a poor choice compared to using an IDE. Whether you are writing a single script or many, a Python IDE will accelerate your development time and is strongly recommended.

Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts Using Python information storage or retrieval system, except as expressly permitted in writing by Esri. All requests should be sent to Attention: Contracts and Legal Services Manager, Esri, New York Street, Redlands, CA USA.

Writing advanced geoprocessing scripts using python in excel
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Writing Python scripts—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop