Write a related multiplication or division sentence

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Fact Families (Multiplication and Division): Level 3

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Relating Multiplication and Division

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Related Facts: Make Multiplication Sentences

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For starting, consider a muffin running which is a four by three solid. Write a division problem. Write the multiplication sentence that helps you solve the division problem.

Draw an array of the multiplication sentence. Find the quotient to the division problem. This is a sample of student work: Student Work - Exit Ticket for Relating Multiplication and Division.

In this exit ticket, you can see how the student related the multiplication to the division by drawing an array model of the. Multiplying is the inverse of dividing. On a particular day, the wind added 5 miles per hour to Alfonso's rate when he was cycling with the wind and subtracted 5 miles per hour from his rate on his return trip.

Notice that the numbers in multiplication and division sentences have special names. In multiplication the numbers you multiply are called factors; the answer is called the product. In division the number being divided is the dividend, the number that divides it is the divisor, and the answer is the quotient.

Discuss the relationship of these numbers as you explain how multiplication and division are related. Write sharing questions based on the division sentences shown below. The first one is done for you. Use the word hints at the bottom for some ideas if you need them. Say: The product in a multiplication sentence is the dividend in a division sentence.

The factors are the divisor and quotient. The factors are the divisor and quotient. Label the dividend, divisor, and quotient. Students can write related multiplication sentences and solve them. Students can also be given a multiplication sentence with an unknown variable and then write the related division sentence.

Once that is completed, have students write a related word problem and solve it.

Write a related multiplication or division sentence
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