Visit to riverside church

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Welcome to Riverside Church serving Green Bay, Allouez, and De Pere

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We want you to have a great experience!

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It dates back to when. Riverside's security team provides a safe environment for church members, staff, and guests to gather and worship. The team consists of retired Denver Police Officers, firemen, military veterans, some who have combat experience, and highly dedicated volunteer church members.

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UK. Riverside is a welcoming christian community that seeks to put faith into practice in everyday life. Our passion is to love and serve Jesus Christ together and to help others do the same.

A young and exciting community, Riverside Church has made it’s home in the heart of DFW for over 25 years. Ministering to all families, authentic presence in our communities, and engaging and empowering discipleship are central to our pursuit of God.

But what he experiences on his first visit to Riverside Methodist Church is something we all know to be true - the fact that places are important.

Church buildings, in particular, are where we experience the milestones that run from baptisms to weddings to funerals.

Visit to riverside church
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