Pathways to practice

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About Pathways to Practice

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Pathway to Practice NC is a Competency-Based Education Program

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Pathways to Practice Program

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District Delve Judge Juan R. He previews he has learned, "Always be used for the explicit, because you'll never know when it will hit you. We torn the clinical pathways in six hours, each with unique clinical pathways. Neuroplasticity after stroke is the #1 thing that every stroke survivor should know about.

If you want to maximize your recovery, then understanding and applying the concept of neuroplasticity to your regimen will help you harness your brain’s full healing potential. pathways to practice Learn about different career options in many legal fields, what it’s like to practice in those fields, and how to plan a curriculum to emphasize desired career goals.

Find Your Pathway». OverviewThe law school has developed a wide range of experiential courses for students who intend to pursue transactional law in both the private and public sector. We offer skills development that will help students enter business law practices with a broad exposure to the relevant substantive law.

Pathway to Practice.

Pathways to the Bench Video Series

Clear your N.C. Provisional Teaching License through our online program designed specifically for lateral entry teachers. Admissions is ongoing, and you can start anytime. In the video series Pathways to the Bench, individual judges talk about the personal, character-building challenges in their lives that prepared them to serve on the bench.

South Texas College of Law Houston offers a wide array of courses to prepare you for the practice of law, including nearly fifty skills courses and other experiential learning opportunities, as well as hundreds of potential internships for credit.

Pathways to practice
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