Noha write up

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Koňská noha (pes equinovarus)

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Nohay Write Up’s

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Written Nohay. Written Nohay. Soz. A Collection of Miscellaneous Sozs By Numerous Poets.

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Aik Ansoo Main Karbala - Volume I. This Book Contains Nohay Written By Rehan Azmi - Poet of Noha Khwan Nadeem Sarwar. Aik Ansoo Main Karbala - Volume II. This Book Contains Nohay Written By Rehan Azmi - Poet of Noha Khwan Nadeem Sarwar. The Adventurers’ Club of Los Angeles A Gathering Place for Those Who Leave the Beaten Path in Search of Adventure All photos in the slideshow are by, for, or about members of ACLA.

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Nohay Write ups in URDU

Asghar haye asghar x 2 Aye shah-e-deen ke dilbar Aye rooh-e-qalb-e-maadar Aye tashnakaam asghar Aye bezabaan asghar Aye cheh mahine wale tujhko mera salaam Asghar haye asghar Asghar haye asghar Shikwa na karma asghar Paani nahi mayassar Aansoo bahake maine turbat ko kardiya tar Aye cheh mahine wale tujhko mera salaam Asghar haye asghar Asghar haye asghar Tishna labi pe teri .

Noha write up
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Raza Abbas Shah Urdu & Saraiki Nohay - hum ali walay azadar