National day of malaysia

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66, Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia GPS Coordinate: N03°10'" E°42'". Aug 31,  · Happy National Day, Malaysia! August 31, It’s odd but I’ve never considered National Day as a big thing for me. It was one of those holidays you celebrated because it was there on the calendar.

In school it was an excuse to see some performances and skip class for a bit, but I can’t say that there was a particular moment. National Day is celebrated every year in Malaysia on the 31st of August to commemorate the momentous occasion when the Federation of Malaya achieved independence from British rule in A Palindrome Day happens when the day’s date can be read the same way backwards and forwards.

The dates are similar to word palindromes in that they are reversible. Depending on the date format Palindrome Days can be rare.


National Day Calendar™ is the authoritative source for fun, unusual and unique National Days! Since our humble beginnings on National Popcorn Day inwe now track nearly 1, National Days, National Weeks and National Months.

National Day (Singapore)

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National day of malaysia
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