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2017 National SME of the Year – Devesh & Bharos Farms

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Professor Devesh Misra (m)

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Brahma Kumari’s Global Hospital & Research Center is leading hospital and research center in Mumbai also consider as best hospital in turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.come Intensive Care Services, Neonatal Intensive Service and many more.

Global hospital Mumbai is role model of Private Public Participation Project in the Mumbai. Devesh & Bharos Farms – Winner National SME of the Year in the National SME of the Year Category sponsored by Fiji Development Bank Devesh and Bharos Farms DBF has championed in its local community by showing considerable contribution to creation of decent work by employing close to twenty locals, of which 15 are women.

Our Mumbai office is managed by C. Ajmera who is an MBA with the acumen for business with customer oriented approach which he has inherited from Late turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.comakant Ajmera.

Bombay Engineering is progressing very fast in the able leadership of Ajmera. Who has Mr Devesh Misra recommended? Dr Debi Ray, Paediatrics. Recommended on 29/07/ I have known Dr Debi Ray for the last 10 years- we refer patients to.

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