Healthcare innovation

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Healthcare innovation: Clear vision, hazy execution

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Healthcare Innovation & EntrepreNURSEship

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The Health Care Innovation Awards funded up to $1 billion in awards to organizations that implemented the most compelling new ideas to deliver better health, improved care and lower costs to people enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), particularly those with the highest health care needs.

The ReferralMD Annual Healthcare Technology Report of is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for healthcare technology ever, with innovations in medical devices, software, and changes in how healthcare is administered, both from a care and financial perspective.

Healthcare team inspired. Patient delivered. The Mission of our program is to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, physician assistants, health scientists, counseling psychologists, speech pathologists, audiologists, and public health professionals and to provide the tools, education and programming that will help them become leaders in innovation.

Health Insurance Innovations is a market leading technology platform and distributor of innovative insurance products that are affordable and meet the consumer's needs.

Over the past several decades, thanks to improved diagnostic and therapeutic options, healthcare has experienced an explosion of innovations designed to improve life expectancy and quality of life. As healthcare organizations face unprecedented challenges to improve quality, reduce harm, improve.

Healthcare innovation
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Healthcare Innovation & EntrepreNURSEship