Evidence suggesting that lee harvey oswald was preparing to kill president john f kennedy

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Did Oswald Kill President Kennedy?

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Something Very Big, Part III: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat?

Sep 14,  · Assassination of John F. Kennedy: Assassination of John F. Kennedy, mortal shooting of the 35th president of the United States in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, His accused killer was Lee Harvey Oswald, who was himself murdered before he could stand trial, and the death of Kennedy has long been the subject of speculation and conspiracy theories.

From Stan Dane’s up and coming book.

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I have also been reliably informed that for many years there has been a widespread belief within the American intelligence community that Patton was eliminated by the U.S. government for political reasons.

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Evidence suggesting that lee harvey oswald was preparing to kill president john f kennedy
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